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1. Ask Your MP/MSP/AM//MEP to Sign the Manifesto for National Breastfeeding Week.

Send a letter to your MP/MSP/AM/MEP asking them to sign the Manifesto. We have created the capability for you to email your representatives directly from this website:

Click here to send a letter to your MP
Click here to email your AM
Click here to email your MEP
Click here to email your MSP

 2. Add Your Support

Personally sign-up to the Manifesto and let Policy makers know how important this issue is.  By signing-up you can choose to be kept in the loop about how things are progressing with the Manifesto and be informed of further ways in which you might wish to get involved.

3.  Ask your MP for specific support

If your MP is already a BMC supporter please send  a  letter asking for his / her support to raise the profile of breastfeeding with the new team in the Department of Health : find a sample letter by clicking on the publications tab on the left had side of this screen  Look for letter to  MP who is a supporter  June 2011


Better still visit your MP in his/ her surgery to deliver the letter in person. MP’s represent an average of 60,000 people and receive hundreds of letters, telephone calls , e mails and invitations every week. Seeing you MP in person is an effective way of building a good relationship and encouraging them to take up an issue. They are usually required to be in Parliament Monday to Thursday and often have surgeries on the Friday and sometimes Saturday morning   

You will find details of your MP at :

then enter your postcode into find your MP this will give you their details including web site address. Details of the MP’s surgeries will be there


4. Email Your Friends and Family

Let them know how they can play their part. Spreading the word is crucial in any campaign.

Click here to email friends, colleagues and family

5.  Spread the BMC Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

E mail or write to your Primary Care Trust or Local Authority with a  suggestion they consider joining the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme (if there is no scheme locally), or they work with the BMC to link the local scheme to the Google maps section of the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme web site (   You will find a sample letter  by clicking on the publications tab on the left of this screen, look for sample letter to local PCT re Welcome

(If you are a Parliamentarian, please email to add your support to the Breastfeeding Manifesto.)
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