E-learning portal

Our e-learning portal is full of text guides, videos and case studies to help patient groups grow and develop

The ability to learn remotely can be really valuable for patient groups. Disability, caring responsibilities, employment and location can all make it difficult to attend our in-person events. Our e-learning portal, which is free to access from anywhere and at any time, is here to help.

The portal brings together resources from across our patient group training programme, including recordings of workshop sessions, case studies from our peer mentoring programme, and summaries of webinars. It also hosts unique resources for topics not yet covered by other projects, adopting a more holistic approach to patient group learning.

To create a free user account or to log in, head over to our portal.

Which topics does the portal cover?

The portal’s 20+ courses are split into four learning themes:

Growing your patient group – includes courses such as ‘Vision, mission and aims’, ‘Building your team’, and ‘Legal forms and registering’.

Getting research ready – including ‘Conducting clinical trials’, ‘Patient involvement in research’, and ‘What is health economics?’


Raising awareness – with courses on ‘Communications and branding’, ‘Running events’, and ‘Raising awareness among healthcare professionals’.

Supporting patients and families – including ‘Developing a helpline’ and ‘Managing online communities’.

For an up-to-date list of courses, please log into our portal.

Each course contains text-based guides, video recordings from workshops and webinars, case studies, a course-specific forum, and a glossary.

Sound good?