Our webinars provide remote learning for rare disease patient groups who often struggle to travel

Receiving a rare diagnosis can be an incredibly scary, isolating and confusing experience. Patients and parents are often given very little information about what they can expect from the disease and its symptoms, either because the information isn’t in an accessible format, or it doesn’t actually exist. It is likely that their local GP will never have heard of the condition, that there is a host of misleading information online, and that they won’t know anyone else affected.

We help patients and parents to take back control. Our webinars give practical advice to help them build their own support networks, drive research forward, and find the information they need to help themselves and other families. These webinars are broadcast online and recorded, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere around the world at any time, which is crucial for those who aren’t able to travel due to ill-health, disability, or caring responsibilities. Scroll down to view recordings from our past webinars.

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet our community.

“When it is so rare, you wonder where to go and who can help. With people like BM Manifesto, you only have to go online and find all the help that you will need.”
“BM Manifesto is an amazing organisation. It is bringing everyone together to share ideas among small charities; this is very important as we all learn from each other’s successes and failures.”
“The webinars are wonderful. One of them was about raising awareness with health professionals, which I must listen to again!”
“I think BM Manifesto has a great deal to offer patient support groups like ours, finding our way through the labyrinth of legislation and bizarre official papers to get to cures patients.”
“You know I have highest regards for what you and your colleagues do. The rare disease world would be less without you!”

How does the webinar programme work?

Our webinars occur every two months within an annual series. Rare disease patients, parents, advocates, and other interested parties are invited to register for the live broadcast, which takes place on a specified day and time.

Our webinars focus on a particular topic and normally last 1.5hrs: 30 minutes each for two speakers, followed by 30 minutes for questions from the audience. We publish recordings from each of our webinars to ensure a long-lasting impact for the global rare disease community.

How do I get involved?

Anyone with an interest in rare diseases is welcome to join our webinars. Register for a session below or scroll down to find recordings from past events.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet Michaela.

When Michaela’s son was born with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, an ultra-rare condition that causes seizures and difficulties with breathing, learning and digestion, there was no patient community for her to turn to for support. Michaela set up Pitt Hopkins UK in 2013, and has travelled to the majority of our workshops despite living in the Netherlands. Our webinars have given her a much-needed way to learn from her own home. Not having to travel has saved valuable time - crucial when running a charity and caring for her son.

I really cannot say anything but positive things about BM Manifesto. It really is wonderful that they help us help ourselves by giving us the information we need to move forward.”

Past webinars

In 2016-2017, we ran a series of webinars to provide training to rare disease patient groups. These formed a series under the title #ExplainedWebinar and can be viewed using the video reel below. The reel also includes recordings of other webinars that fall outside the #ExplainedWebinar series.